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Techie-Tuesday: iPhone tips 

Tip 1. Next time you’re hanging a picture, trimming your own bangs, or wanting to know–is it the shelf or the wall that’s wonky, take out your iPhone and open your Compass. Yes, you have a compass hanging out with those other apps you never use. And, it has a secret second function. Swipe left and the compass becomes a digital level.

Put that in your tech tool box, DIYers!

Tip 2. When you’re searching the internet and typing in a web address, take a shortcut and hold down the period icon to choose from the list of URL suffixes (.com, .edu, .org, .net, .us).

Tip 3. Choosing a focal point when you’re taking pictures is fairly simple. Tap the screen where you want the focal point to be and click. But, move your phone/camera and the focal point disappears. Ugh. Try this: press and hold the focal point box for a second or two and it will lock. Now, you can move or turn the camera and your focal point remains.

Cool, cool, cool…


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