Your Photo Shoot

Preparing your home for the Coldwell Banker Photographer

Thank you for allowing me and Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty the opportunity to market your property. Here are some things that you should know to prepare for our photographers visit.

  • As your REALTOR®, I will give you an estimated time for your appointment. Photographers will be happy to give you a courtesy call when they are on their way to your home. Unless otherwise notified, you do not need to be at the property when the photographer arrives. The hours for the shoot will be between 9 AM and 4 PM.
  • Please notify me immediately if any other arrangements must be made.
  • Please make sure that your garage door is closed, trash containers are removed and no cars are in the driveway. If we schedule on a trash pick-up day we will remove and replace your trash containers.
  • Prepare yard the day before the shoot.
  • Remove all clutter from counters and floor. Children’s large play toys should be stored in the garage.
  • Close all closet doors and toilet seats.
  • Depersonalize as much as possible, remove anything that you do not want in photos that will be seen by the public.
  • Your pets must be secured in a crate or room that will not be accessed by the photographer.
  • If it is necessary to be present, please go to an area of the house that the photographer is not in. The photographer has a specific plan and format for taking photos.
  • Photographers will turn on all the lights and open all the blinds. They will close blinds and turn off all lights when they leave.
  • Photographers are not responsible for moving clutter or “picking-up”. Anything left out-of-place will be photographed “as is”.
  • Photographers will not cross your property line or enter any part of your property without safe access. The photographer will not attempt to photograph any part of the property that is wet or overgrown.